BORSEE H4(H/L)-10 separate


◇- High brightness: 4 times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp

◇- Long lifetime: More than 5000 hours

◇- Low power consumption

◇- Output Power: 35W/55W

◇- Voltage: 12V /24V
◇- Color Temperature: 3000K~12000K



◆- Pass accurate focus test: Beam profile is the same as the original one, can prevent glare when cars meet

◆- The bulbs socket: Shockproof, high-temperature resistance, prevent tube rupture caused by intense concussion

◆- Ingenious tube design: Easy installation, prevent the tube from short circuit caused by touching the lamp
◆- Excellent power saving: Halogen lamp usually consumes about 55-65W electric power on average. But HID Xenon lamp only consumes 35W/55W, which can draw less power from your vehicles electrical system and obviously improve the performance of the vehicles

◆- Reliable security: Sealed by advanced technology, HID Xenon lamp engages with the features of high intensity, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
◆- Convenient installation: Only insert HID Xenon lamp into the original lamp hole, fix ballast and connect power supply. No need to alter any part of original vehicle


Color temperature and color


4300K~Yellow white


8000K~Blue white

10000K~Cambridge blue

12000K~Dark blue


Packing Information: 30Pairs/Carton

Volume: 72cm*43cm*27cm /Carton

G.W.: 0.50kg/Pair; 15.00kg/Carton