BORSEE A5(AC) slim single kit

Model: 12V/35W(only 12V/35W)



◆- Super slim and smart shap, easy to install
◆- Germany imported high-precision IC

◆- Xenon bulb with Philips technology

◆- Waterproof

◆- Shockproof

◆- Dustproof

◆- Anti-interference

◆- Open circuit protection

◆- Short circuit protection

◆- Plus & minus pole exchange protection

◆- Low voltage protection

◆- Over voltage protection

◆- Energy saving solution

◇- Mini Size: 7cm*6.2cm*1.2cm
◇- Input Voltage: 916V
◇- Working Current: 3.6A
◇- Output Power: 35W
◇- Working Temperature: -40℃~+105℃
◇- Application Vehicle: 12V vehicles
◇- Connector: AMP,KET connectors


Packing Information: 15sets/Carton

Volume: 72cm*43cm*27cm/Carton

Package Size: Length 26cm, Width 24cm, Height 9cm

G.W.: 1.40kg/set; 21.00kg/Carton